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Pexion (imepitoin), 100mg SINGLE Tablet


This item is prescription-only medication. You are able to order this product online, however we will not be able to ship your parcel until we have received an official copy of your prescription. How it works

Pexion is a veterinary medicine used in dogs to:

  • reduce the frequency of generalised seizures (fits affecting most or all of the brain) due to epilepsy of unknown causes (idiopathic). It should be used after careful evaluation of alternative treatment options;
  • reduce anxiety and fear associated with noise phobia.

Pexion contains the active substance imepitoin

How does Pexion work?

The active substance in Pexion, imepitoin, is an anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety medicine. Epilepsy is caused by excessive electrical activity in the brain. Imepitoin partially activates the receptors for the neurotransmitter GABA, a substance that reduces electrical activity in the brain. Neurotransmitters such as GABA are chemicals that allow nerve cells to communicate with each other. By activating its receptors, imepitoin increases GABA’s effects and helps to prevent seizures. Imepitoin also has a weak blocking effect on calcium channels. These are pores which let calcium move into the nerve cells allowing electrical impulses to be transmitted between nerve cells. This may also help in controlling seizures. Imepitoin’s effect on GABA receptors also reduces fear and anxiety.

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