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Frequently Asked

Is it cheaper to get my pet’s medicines through PillDrop Pets rather than going through my vets?

Yes, with no middlemen, no price games and buying medications in bulk, we can pass the savings to you.
Generally, you will be looking at paying 20% cheaper than getting it at the vets.

Do you stock the same medicines as my vet?

Yes, we offer the same prescription medicines and vet-only nutraceuticals as your vet, but at a lower price.

There’s a medication I need that’s not on your website.

As one of New Zealand’s largest dispensaries, we stock most pet medicines. However, if you can’t see it on our website, please give us a call on: 0800 745 537

When can I expect to receive my pet’s medication?

For prescription items:
Once we have received your pet’s prescription, we will sent it out within one business day and you should expect to recieve it in 1-2 business days. For rural addresses, please allow 3 business days for delivery.

For non-prescription items:
For vet-only, non-prescription items, such as vitamins, we will process within 24 hours from receiving
the order, or the following business day (please see our delivery schedule below).

What is your delivery schedule?

We deliver during business hours, Monday to Friday.

How much is your shipping fee?

Urban deliveries: $7.50
Rural: $12.50

For urgent delivery, please call us on 0800745537

How do I order “RX” medication?

For any prescription medication, we require a valid prescription from your vet before we can send it to you.
For safety reasons and to meet our legal obligations, we can’t ship the medication until we receive the prescription.

Here are the six easy steps to follow:
1) Find and select the medication you need.
2) Add to cart.
3) Go to checkout.
4) Pay for the medication
5) Submit your prescription by either:

Posting the original to: PO Box 11521, Ellerslie, Auckland, 1051

Asking your vet to send it to us directly: email: or via fax: 09 276 9292

I already have the prescription. How do I get it to PillDrop Pets?

Please post the original prescription to us: PO Box 11521, Ellerslie, Auckland, 1051

Or you can ask your vet to email the prescription to us directly: email: or via fax: 09 276 9292

Can I fax or email my pet’s prescription?

Faxed or scanned copies are only accepted if sent directly from the vet’s office. If you would like to send us you prescription directly, you can mail in the original prescription to 
PO Box 11521Ellerslie, Auckland 1051

How do I get repeats?

If you have a PillDrop Account, log into your account, go to My Medicines, click the name of your pet
and choose the medication you need repeats for.
Or you can request your repeats to be sent to you by emailing us: or calling us:
0800 745 537

Can you supply part packs? I don’t need hundreds of tablets.

Yes, of course. We don’t want to sell you quantities that you don’t need. We always look for ways on how we can help you save!

Do my pets get a colourful PillDrop dispenser and PillSachets?

Although that would be cute, we’re sorry to say no. Animal medication comes in so many different sizes and forms – creams, pills, drops etc. – so it’s not practical to pack them into PillSachets. They will instead come in the usual form – bottles, tubes, injectables, etc.

What are PillSachets anyway?

It’s for humans! Check it out here:

Can I call PillDrop Pets if I have any concerns?

Yes, call our team on 0800-745-537 if you require assistance. Alternatively, send our vet an email on

Do you accept returns or exchanges on prescription items?

For medication orders, once this has been confirmed and you have paid for the charges and delivery
fees (if any) we will not be able to offer returns or refund any of the medicines selected to be dispensed unless they are faulty, damaged or not the items you ordered.
If goods (prescription or non-prescription) delivered to you are faulty, damaged or not the items you
ordered then you must contact us as soon as possible and return the goods to PillDropPets Pharmacy at your cost within 21 days. If it turns out the goods are faulty, damaged or incorrect we will replace and redeliver the goods at no charge to you.
If you are entitled to a refund the refund will be made based on the method of payment you used. If you paid by credit card then the refunded amount will be credited back to the same credit card. If you paid by bank transfer then the refunded amount will be deposited back to the same bank account.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept credit card and bank transfer payment methods.

Do you ship overseas?

No. We only ship within New Zealand. All transactions are priced in NZD ( New Zealand Dollars)

How do I contact your vet?

We are happy to answer questions you may have. You may contact our vet through email