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Dr Louise Harvey

PillDrop Pets is proud to welcome experienced veterinarian, Louise Harvey, to the team. Louise is excited to join PillDrop Pets and is the perfect fit.

She believes every owner should have access to affordable, consistent, and excellent care to support their pets to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Louise grew up on a sheep farm near Gore and so began her love for animal health. As a child, she helped her dad care for sick sheep during the lambing season, reared stray kittens who later became family pets, and enjoyed the company of a large gang of working and hunting dogs. Graduating from Palmerston North in 2016 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Louise’s first job was as a companion animal vet in a central Auckland clinic. Since then, her patients have mainly been cats and dogs.

During her time at the clinic, Louise became a pet sitter which included animals with chronic medical conditions who couldn’t stay at kennels or catteries. Through this experience, she was exposed to the very real challenges of medicating pets at home. She saw first-hand how difficult it could be for owners to follow the right medicine regime for their pets with the various tablets, capsules, liquids, and ointments that are prescribed.

All this experience means Louise has a keen interest in the different ways vets can improve; to both meet the medical needs for pets – and make the experience much easier for owners.

One way to achieve this is by personalising a pet’s medication regime so that it meets the owner’s needs for efficiency and accessibility and improves the pet’s quality of life and longevity. Another way is making sure pets have the best exercise, diet, and lifestyle routines to complement their medical care. 

Louise really enjoys the uniqueness of each patient she treats and says, “I love the challenge of expanding my repertoire of ways in which I can help pets, be this with medicine, diet or lifestyle adjustments.”  

At PillDrop Pets, Louise will be helping you better understand what your animals have been prescribed, so that you can confidently manage your pet's medications at home. She will be available for advice and support on how you can help your much-loved pets have and maintain a healthy lifestyle where correct medicine management is key.

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